STOP PRESS!! • BIG GIG 2 • 10th Nov 2012 Click Here

Alan Shepherd hosts: Gally's Folly • Catrina D'Olive • Tyn Daga • Sarah Lincoln • Cosmic Ronnie and the Deep Fried Frogs • Hannah Rondaux • Flats and Sharps • Click Here to see them all!

In aid of the St Ives Community Play

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Big Gig Poster  

The Big Gig

The night the Guildhall was
regained by the COMMUNITY!

What did they have to tell us about...?
Were you there????

Riveted audience

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1st Half  

Alan Shepherd brings on the 1st Half...



Sarah Lincoln reminds us why we are here... The Community Play! Be part of it!

Sarah explains all...

Sarah explains... Sarah gets down...



then it's GALLY'S FOLLY!! Click to see more!

Gally's Folly

followed by SHADE OF RED

  Shades of Red


  Click on the pictures

and then... FLATS AND SHARPS

  Sharps and flats

Why are we Here?



Alan ends by reminding the enraptured audience
why we are here...

Enraptured Audience


Come and take part... watch it in August!

Click to see Romeo & Juliet or Much Ado