Astrology - and you!


Does Astrology work? Yes! And I have a degree in physics - most unusual! Most scientists ridicule astrology.

But I can tell you, astrology really does work - if you have studied it deeply. I've studied it for 40 years! Scientists don't even give it 5 minutes, so how can they know? E=mc2 doesn't seem very likely! But if you study it, you believe it, and it certainly works in practice; people should give astrology the same courtesy! So .... here's a quick guide!


It's about you! So astrology won't tell you anything that you don't already know - it's about you, so how could it? But I guess it depends on how well you know yourself ... It's like a mirror; astrology can just help you get a clearer view of yourself... Always helps to see what's going on!


Astrology is wonderful for relationships - getting a better perspective on them. The 'birds and the bees' turn out to be just - geometry! Angles between planets in our chart and someone else's make us feel 'in tune' with them or not - just like guitar strings making sweet chords or less comfortable music! Check out your partner, children, colleagues... you can understand what flows easily in your relationship and what does not. Best of all you can see why: you see the how your characteristics interact with your loved ones and your friends. Their qualities are theirs, yours are yours - but astrology can show the resonanances between you. Seeing it all mapped out means that you neither blame or congratulate yourselves! Just enjoy the harmonies and understand the rougher edges! Neither of you is perfection, neither of you is dreadful! It's all just ... the way it is! You can see if the relationship is likely to last or is just a temporary fascination. But again - love makes anything work ... though it may take a lot of your energy if the angles are difficult.


Do not ask me to tell your future: that would just give you ideas affecting your decisions and maybe doing you harm. Anyway - astrology cannot predict the future! Don't believe anyone who says it can. It can only act as a sort of tide-table, but much more complex: any particular moment is usually good for one aspect of your life but bad for another! It certainly does not say what will happen if you do something on a chosen day, e.g. getting married. If anyone claims to see the future in any detail, then they are using astrology as a trigger to see visions - real or imagined. Good luck with that! I do NOT recommend trusting anyone to influence your life on the basis of their personal visions. Make your own choices, for your own reasons, and learn from the consequences - that is real life! Astrology does not control you; your job is to grow and evolve from wherever you started.


People often say, "Tell me the bad things as well as the good things!" You'll be glad to know that there are no 'good' or 'bad' things in astrology. There is just the way our different qualities work together. This is one of the very kind and helpful things about it. You just get a better perspective, that is all.


A good question is ... "If my chart is fixed," (- which it is -) "then how can I develop and change?" Well... amazingly, your ability to grow and transform is as much shown in your chart as is the nature of your origins - your parents' influence. As I say, your chart is all about you.

Read about what astrology can do for you.

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Your Potential

None of us are simple! Astrology shows us a map of our characteristics: those that work well together and those that need attention, so we don't let ourselves down. With this insight we forgive ourselves our faults and at the same moment see what to do about them! We can see what really makes us happy and what we do best to make others happy.

Your Relationships

Astrology shows the mathematical relationships between the planets in your chart and someone else's. They don't change, however much we want them to! But we can understand them better, and understand why the relationship works well or why it doesn't - but we won't change the other person or the nature of the relationship - much.

Realistic! But maybe a bit disappointing, if we love someone or have to work with them every day. The help comes from realising that difficulties are not our 'fault' but 'just the way things are'. Understanding each other better is the first step. If we have good astrology together, it lasts for life and lets us use our energy for overcoming other challenges in life. If we have challenging astrology, it also lasts for life: but we can see the exact nature of the complications and therefore what we can do about them - a great way to grow and develop without blaming yourself or the other.

Obviously it helps to pick a partner with fairly good astrology - you will, anyway, as indifferent astrology leaves you feeling - indifferent! But be aware that there is no such thing as a perfect partner. When I've seen things too comfortable between charts, couples have sometimes got bored - and split up for that reason! You can't win!

As for relatives and workmates where you can't 'choose' to spend time with them or not, understanding is the very best help. Astrology provides that. Most of all - it's not your fault - or even theirs!!

Email me for a compatibility reading - and use it to understand the relationship and help make it work best. Be reassured, though - in the end it is your will, not your astrology, that decides if you want to love and serve someone as your partner, child, parent, workmate, client...

What do I need?

• Your birth date (day, month and year)
• The time of day, as accurate as you can. Minutes count!
• Your place of birth (nearest big town or city).

That's all. Oh, and a name to put on your chart...

If you don't know the time of day, we can still see many aspects of you but they will not be so detailed.

Does Astrology work?
It can't possibly... can it?

Astrology is laughed at and undervalued but usually for a good reason: it is abused as a means of making money. The newspaper and magazine columns are of no accuracy and may help only by accident or with some helpful general philosophy.

When I was 13, I was amazed at the idea that our birthday could predict our personality.
When I was 19, I started to investigate it seriously, and found the deeper aspects fascinating.
At 21 I started to give it a try and drew my first charts. I was amazed at the accurate descriptions of people.

Now... I am not an 'away with the fairies' type. My degree is in Physics and much of my life has been involved with computers: about as logical as you can get! The scientific viewpoint is ingrained in me. So I studied it carefully. I read many wonderful books and verified from first hand experience that detailed charts based on the time of day are astonishingly complete and accurate.

Astrology has nothing to do with 'psychic power' - or 'spiritual forces', etc. Its use may trigger psychic gifts in some people - I don't know - but actual astrology charts are just based on maths and geometry: the positions and patterns of the planets at the time we were born.

Why this should work, I cannot explain in full, but there is at least a basis for accepting it as possible. And then, experience proves the rest. Let me say my views.

Planets exert enormous gravitational attraction. Gravity has been discovered to behave in some ways as a wave form, like sound and light. So one could deduce that there would be patterns of gravity interference, just as sound waves and light waves both show interference patterns, referred to as constructive and destructive. If we allow for this phenomenon to apply in some way to patterns in our life, then we get the flowing and conflicting areas of personality and life. Also between two people: like the strings of a guitar, they don't play the same notes but they vibrate either harmoniously if constructively tuned to each other, or discordantly if not.

Despite this possible explanation, it still seems very unlikely that astrology would work! But Science says that observation must be the deciding factor and I have discovered that astrology works so well that it gives me a more accurate picture of someone than even their own description of themself.

My experience shows that we must be sensitive to these subtle forces. Indeed, for confirmation,
examples have been found in nature of even tiny, single-celled creatures responding to the moon's gravitational pull - so why then shouldn't our billions of cells be sensitive, at some level, too?

The only way for you to decide is to try it, with an open mind. It's completely confidential, and I won't
tell you anything you wouldn't want to hear.

Why be interested? We all think our personality is 'normal'. It is easy for us to kid ourselves, so
perhaps the best use of astrology is to help us to be realistic about what goes on inside us, where
we have come from, and what have been the influences on us that make us how we are.

As I have said, our chart tells us nothing that we don't already know, deep down inside... but it has
the usefulness of helping us tidy up false ideas we may have developed about ourselves - from our
worries, other people's comments, and our own wrong conclusions, over a lifetime. There is nothing
'good' or 'bad' in astrology - just the way things are. That makes for peace.

Do I have to pay?

Charges are negotiable and I may not make any. Certainly not if I offered to draw your chart!
I'll definitely refund any fee if you are not entertained and delighted by the results.
Call me to talk about it? I guarantee at least some fun!


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