by Ian Kenneth Maclean

2023 Ė fun new book written and seeking agent. Details in due course!

What I Found in India (Me!)
... final draft nearly finished after only 40 years! A good read! Help with a proof read, if you like: contact me

The following has been planned for a long time: (please see my vegetarian recipes page in the meantime)

The Reluctant Vegetarian
Eating so well that you don't miss meat
(animals enjoy this book)

Poems: the first ten years 1997 - 2007
Stuff like this, and also more strange, and also more simple. Oh, and love.

Wave to the Sea

Alone, I sailed the seven seas in search of something lost
The ship that bore me onwards rode the waves, that soothed Ė and tossed
My ship was made of glory, gleamed and flickered in the sun
We'd rise up with the crests and down the glassy slopes we'd run.

I never found my goal, but still I sought it endlessly
Until one day my fine ship melted back into the sea
I didnít sink, I didnít float, I didnít cease to be
I found I too was water; in an instant I could see
Only ever-changing waves upon a never-changing sea.

© 2007 Ian Kenneth Maclean

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