by Ian Kenneth Maclean

What I Found in India
(apart from ... myself!)
* Final draft nearly finished but available for a proof read if you like! Contact me!

The following have been planned for a long time... please give me time and energy

The Reluctant Vegetarian
Eating so well that you don't miss meat
(animals enjoy this book)

Poems: the first ten years 1997 - 2007
Stuff like this, and also more strange, and also more simple. Oh, and love.

Wave to the Sea

Alone, I sailed the seven seas in search of something lost
The ship that bore me onwards rode the waves, that soothed, and tossed
My ship was made of glory, gleamed and flickered in the sun
It rose up with the crests and down the glassy slopes we'd run.

I never found my goal, but still I sought it endlessly
Until one day my fine ship melted back into the sea
I didn’t sink, I didn’t float, I didn’t cease to be
I found I too was water; in an instant I could see
Only ever-changing waves upon a never-changing sea

© 2007 Ian Kenneth Maclean

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