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Services to fellow man provided by
Ian Kenneth Maclean


Shop imagianation Bath

Gallery of Macleans on Mull 2012 !


... to the range of activities in which I am currently engaged and the services which I am able to offer.

CRETE and THAILAND buttons provide information, news and photographs of projects taking place there in which I am or have been involved, either personally or professionally.

PHOTOGRAPHY: photos, print and design services.

MUSIC and WRITING offer you small samples of my work and details of my recording studio. I welcome new singer-songwriters seeking recording services.

VEGETARIAN Info is/will be recipes for people who want to eat really tasty food, but without upsetting animals. No boring salads here, or cheesy pasta.


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This website is STILL under development since 2003! I think it always will be, so this is just an ntroduction.
Last updated 26 Jan 2023

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